Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is there proof of life after death?

First of all we should understand the difference between spiritual reality and Physical reality.
Physical realities is connected with our five senses ie skin( touch ), tongue ( taste), nose (smell), eyes( visually seeing things), ear( hearing voice).

Scientific proof is to prove any of these five senses. So how can we prove that there is life after physical death, for that we have to physically prove our 5 senses about the existence of the person whose physical death occurred, i will say physical death only through this blog because I belive in the existence of an energy called soul within each of us, i have experienced it and I wil write down my experiences in this blog.

Now we all might have heard about the existence of sixth sense, what I believe is that 6th sense is the sense of our soul, we all must have experienced our 6th sense, itz a gut feeling about the things that are gonna happen or an instance of telipaty or an encounter with a physically dead person.

Now you all know why we cant scientifically prove that there is life after physical death, so the things related to our 6th sense cant prove scientifically.

Diamensions around US which we are not aware of 

Some of you might have heard about flatlanders if not please watch teh below vidio 

Well there is a possiblity that after losing our physical identity we may get into another highter diamension where we all the diamensions converge and people who experience NDE ( near death experience ) and DBV use to experience the other diamension, I will explain DBV and OBV in my blog.

Friday, November 21, 2008

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